About us

Clube Peões da Caparica  has been officially active since 7 December 2009. It was founded by a group of 12 people who gathered for the first time on 25 November 2009. The founders of the club aimed to fill the lack of sports offered in the community of Vila Nova de Caparica.
From the beginning, Clube Peões da Caparica had the support of Caparica School Group and of Almada City Council, who provided facilities for our headquarters in Primary School of Vila Nova de Caparica.


The Club seeks to develop, within its budget, sports, cultural, social and recreational activities that are intended to meet the desires of the members.
There are currently two active sections: Adventure and Culture, and Chess.

Logo_CPC_-_vector10x10Clube Peões da Caparica
R. Pedro Álvares Cabral, Vila Nova de Caparica, 2825-049 Caparica
(Escola Básica de 1º Ciclo de Vila Nova de Caparica)
GPS N 38º38’43”; W 9º12’19”
E-mail: xpeoes.caparica@gmail.com
Chess section: http://xpeoes-caparica.blogspot.pt/